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Gyros Farm

A2 Gir Cow Ghee | Bilona Churned | Made from Curd

A2 Gir Cow Ghee | Bilona Churned | Made from Curd

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  • BILONA CHURNED GHEE: Gyros Farm A2 gir cow ghee is prepared by traditional vedic bilona method from curd and not cream. Milk of A2 gir cow is heated and fermented using previous day buttermilk. Curd obtain is churned using bilona in clockwise and anticlockwise direction to avoid heat generation due to friction.
  • HAPPY COWS AND CRUELTY FREE: If cow remain happy then its yield happy milk. At Village, cow are grazed in open pasture selecting there own fodder & diet and treated like there child . Young,old,sick,milking and non-milking all cows stay at farm irrespective of milk production capacity.
  • NO HORMONAL INJECTION: We don’t use any type of injection or medicine to get more milk by comprosing health of cow. Moreover, calf get first milk of her mother and rest is utilised for commercial purpose to prepare ghee.
  • A2 CULTURED GHEE: Our Ghee is full of nutritive fatty acids, an ideal fat source for an Indian vegetarian diet. Regular consumption of our high-quality A2 ghee helps reduce cholesterol, improves the heart's functioning and reduces joint pain. It keeps the body healthy and increases its potency.
  • STORAGE CONDITION: Gyros Farm A2 gir cow ghee comes in glass jar with 5 level of safety. It should be stored at ambient (room) temperature and keep away from direct contact with sunlight.


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