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Pure & Premium Stone Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Pure & Premium Stone Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

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Groundnut oil, also known as peanut oil, is this cool type of vegetable oil that is made from peanuts. This oil is like a burst of flavor and amazing aroma, all in one. It is a popular choice for frying foods because it has a high smoke point. Groundnut oil is used all over the world, but it is especially popular in Asian cuisine.

In recent centuries, people in southern India commonly used cold-pressed groundnut oil for cooking. But about ten years ago, refined oils took its place.

Cold pressed groundnut oil is manufactured by the old traditional method by using a wooden (mara chekku ennai) and stone pressed method. The peanut oil is extracted through these traditional cold-pressed methods that do not involve heat or chemicals, so it retains all of its nutrients.

Cold-pressed peanut oil is unrefined and naturally clarified. This means it is not cloudy or murky and has no sediment at the bottom of the bottle. It is also not a mass-produced oil. It is a truly pure, handcrafted oil made for discerning customers who appreciate quality.


Naturally grown Groundnut Seed

Uses and Benefits

Heart Health , Antioxidant Properties , Source of Essential Fatty Acids , Rich in Vitamin E, Anti-inflammatory Properties , High Smoke Point , Nutrient Absorption , Stable Shelf Life , Flavor Enhancer ,


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  • Pure and Sure Organic Cold Pressed Oil

    Purely Natural

  • Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Unrefined. 100%


  • Stone and wood cold Pressed Oil

    Stone Pressed

  • No Preservatives oil

    No Preservative

  • Sieve filtered cold pressed Oils

    Sieve filtered

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  • De-shelling of Groundnuts


    We plant local types of groundnuts in our certified organic soil, and we do it twice a year!

  • Assorted

    After we pick the groundnuts, we let them soak up the sun to dry. Then, we sort out the really good ones to use!

  • Cold Pressed

    We get groundnut oil using a traditional stone and wooden 'Ghani', without using any heat. This helps keep all the good nutrients intact!

  • Packaging

    We put thick, natural oil in special sealed packages to make sure our customers get the freshest groundnut oil possible!

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  • Nourishment


    Packed with good things like healthy fats, vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and lots of antioxidants! It's really good for you.

  • Boosts Immunity

    It contains a special thing called resveratrol, which as an antioxidant helps your body fight viruses and bacteria, making your immunity stronger!

  • Organic Oil

    Rest assured, this oil is completely free from any chemicals, artificial preservatives, or parabens.

  • All-in-one Solution

    Elevate your cooking, fix hair problems, and boost immunity with essential nutrients. It's a one-stop solution for flavor, haircare, immunity, and skincare!

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