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Gyros Farm

Stone Pressed Castor Oil

Stone Pressed Castor Oil

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Introducing Gyros Farm's Pure Castor Oil – Nature's Elixir for Your Hair and Skin!

At Gyros Farm, we understand the importance of authenticity and purity in your wellness routine. That's why we've gone the extra mile to bring you the finest castor oil, extracted using traditional methods with our stone mill and wooden churner. Say goodbye to adulteration worries and embrace the goodness of nature with our meticulously crafted castor oil.

🌿 Unparalleled Purity: Our castor oil is a result of time-honored extraction techniques, ensuring that every drop is rich in the pure essence of castor beans. Experience the unadulterated goodness that nature intended.

πŸ’† Perfect Hair: Gyros Farm's Castor Oil is your go-to solution for luscious locks. Nourish your hair from root to tip, promoting strength and shine. Whether you're aiming for thicker strands or a revitalized scalp, our castor oil is your hair's best friend.

✨ Glowing Skin: Pamper your skin with the ultimate natural beauty treatment. Gyros Farm's Castor Oil is packed with skin-loving nutrients that moisturize, rejuvenate, and promote a radiant complexion. Say hello to the glow you've always dreamed of.

🌱 Ethical and Sustainable: We believe in responsible sourcing and sustainable practices. Gyros Farm is committed to bringing you a product that not only benefits you but also respects the environment and the communities involved in its production.

🌈 Versatile Beauty: Our castor oil is a versatile addition to your beauty routine. Use it as a standalone treatment or mix it with your favorite skincare and haircare products for an extra boost. The possibilities are endless!

Elevate your self-care journey with Gyros Farm's Pure Castor Oil – where authenticity meets excellence. Your hair and skin deserve the best, and we're here to deliver it straight from nature to your doorstep. Embrace the natural glow with Gyros Farm!


Uses and Benefits


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  • Pure and Sure Organic Cold Pressed Oil

    Purely Natural

  • Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Unrefined. 100%


  • Stone and wood cold Pressed Oil

    Stone Pressed

  • No Preservatives oil

    No Preservative

  • Sieve filtered cold pressed Oils

    Sieve filtered

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