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Gyros Farm

Stone Pressed Black Mustard Oil

Stone Pressed Black Mustard Oil

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Gyros Farm’s Stone Cold Pressed Black Mustard Oil (Cold Pressed) is EXTRACTED with WOODEN CHURNER on Stone Mill

Black mustard oil, also known as sarso oil, sarso tel, or rai ka tel, is a very versatile oil because of its wonderful smell, flavor, and spiciness! Kachi Ghani black mustard oil has many uses and benefits. 


  • NO CHEMICALS or PRESERVATIVES used while Extraction & Processing.
  • Wood & Stone Pressing ensures it is FULL OF NATURAL ANTI-OXIDANTS & NUTRIENTS.
  • Finest quality Mustard's ensuring that the natural properties and health benefits of mustard is intact
  • Good Ratio of OMEGA 3, 6 essential fatty acids & Good Source of MUFA
  • Authentic Pungency & Strong Natural Flavors, High Smoking Point
  • Boosts Immunity, Alleviates Pain with Allyl Isothiocyanate
  • Add drama to your dishes with powerful Flavor accessories “Mustard Oil Marinades” and Brushing your grill with Mustard Oil.
  • Get the Delicious Grill that is tender, juicy, fragrant and flavorful - all at once.
  • Extracted on Wooden Churner hence Flavorful (Retains Natural Aroma & Flavor), Antioxidant Rich, Nutritious (Retains Natural Vitamins & Minerals), Trans Fat Free, No Chemical 100% Natural, Preservative free, NON GMO.

  • Our mustard oil is extracted by pressing mustard seeds with stone and wood on farms in Bhiwani, Haryana. Packed with important nutrients, our cold-pressed oil is a fantastic addition to your kitchen and your health. Our mustard oil is very versatile and adds a delicious kick to your dishes!


    Different Usages of this SUPER FOOD:

    Relief Cough & Cold, Heart Health, Reduces Hair fall Promotes Hair Growth, Excellent Skin Glow, Treats Cracked Heels, Massage Oil - Improves Circulation, Cooking Oil – Love of Northern India


    Naturally Grown Black Mustard Seeds

    Uses and Benefits

    Respiratory Health ,Digestive Aid , Cardiovascular Health , Detoxification , Pain Relief , Skin and Hair Care, Antimicrobial Properties .


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    • Pure and Sure Organic Cold Pressed Oil

      Purely Natural

    • Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Unrefined. 100%


    • Stone and wood cold Pressed Oil

      Stone Pressed

    • No Preservatives oil

      No Preservative

    • Sieve filtered cold pressed Oils

      Sieve filtered

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    • Extraction Process of Black Mustard Seeds

      Extraction Process

      The black mustard seeds in India are carefully extracted. These seeds are obtained directly from farmers at affordable prices. Farmers play an important role in the organic cultivation and extraction process to ensure the authenticity of the process.

    • Exclusive Sorting of Black Mustard Seeds

      Sorting and Washing

      Sorting experts at Gyros farm ensure the quality of black mustard by carefully examining it. Only the finest seeds, known for their exceptional taste and aroma, make their way to you. The seeds undergo exclusive sorting and thorough washing processes.

    • Eco-Friendly Method for Oil Extraction

      Stone Pressing Oil Extraction

      Stone pressing is a traditional technique that dates back to ancient times. It is not only environmentally friendly but also minimizes waste. The principle behind cold pressing is to extract oil from seeds purely through the application of pressure, eliminating the need for pre-cooking the seeds. This preserves the flavor and nutritional value that would otherwise be lost in the process.

    • Eco-Friendly Packaging of Black Mustard Oil

      Eco-Friendly Packaging of Black Mustard Oil

      Once the black mustard oil is filtered through a sieve, it undergoes a thorough quality check before being sent for packaging. At Gyros, we take extra care to minimize plastic contact in order to preserve the purity of the oil. Our Cold Pressed black mustard oil is packaged in glass bottles to ensure it reaches your homes in its most authentic form.

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    • Mustard Oil for Smooth Skin and Nourished Hair

      Nutritional Benefits

      Black Sarson oil, commonly referred to as 'Sarson Ka Tel' in India, is highly popular. This cold-pressed oil is packed with antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids, and an array of essential nutrients, including monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals, and iron. These qualities make it a versatile oil with numerous applications and contribute to its status as a multi-purpose oil.

    • Mustard Oil for Smooth Skin and Nourished Hair

      Smooth Skin and Nourished Hair

      To make your skin smooth and glowing, simply apply a few drops of Cold Pressed Black Mustard Oil and gently rub it onto your skin. If you have a dry scalp or dry hair, applying mustard oil can help nourish and condition them effectively.

    • Boosting Immunity

      Black Mustard oil, extracted from fully matured black mustard seeds, offers a delightful aroma and a wealth of nutrition. In the post-COVID world, its popularity is on the rise. With an optimal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this oil not only provides essential nutrition but also helps boost immunity.

    • Environment-Friendly

      Black mustard oil, known for its eco-friendly production process, is a great choice for those conscious of the environment. This oil is extracted using methods that prioritize sustainability and reduce harm to the ecosystem. By opting for environment-friendly black mustard oil, you can contribute to a healthier planet while enjoying its numerous benefits for your well-being.

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