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Yellow Mustard Oil | Stone & Wood Cold Pressed Oil | Sieve-Filtered

Yellow Mustard Oil | Stone & Wood Cold Pressed Oil | Sieve-Filtered

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We at GYROS FARM believe that being healthy is a choice you make. You can bring the goodness of golden mustard fields into your kitchen with our Yellow Mustard Oil. Our oil is packed with important nutrients that are good for your health and can be used in your meals. We get the oil directly from the farms to make sure it keeps all its nutritional value. The seeds we use are carefully selected and we extract the oil using a special method that doesn't involve heat, so our oil tastes great and is good for you. Just a little bit of this mustard oil will make your food smell amazing.

Mustard oil is actually a hidden gem in the world of medicine. It not only helps boost your immune system and fights bacteria, but it also promotes healthy hair and skin, and is good for your heart.


Naturally grown Yellow Mustard Oil Seeds

Uses and Benefits

Anti-inflammatory properties , Antimicrobial effects , Pain relief , Skin moisturization , Potential hair benefits.


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  • Pure and Sure Organic Cold Pressed Oil

    Purely Natural

  • Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Unrefined. 100%


  • Stone and wood cold Pressed Oil

    Stone Pressed

  • No Preservatives oil

    No Preservative

  • Sieve filtered cold pressed Oils

    Sieve filtered

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  • Yellow Mustard Seeds

    We take out yellow mustard seeds very carefully. These seeds come directly from farmers and we buy them at good prices. The farmers work with us to grow the mustard seeds organically and extract them, so we keep the process genuine.

  • Sorting and Washing

    The experts carefully sort and wash the yellow mustard to ensure high quality. Only the best seeds with excellent taste and aroma are selected for you. The sorting and washing process is done exclusively for these seeds.

  • Cold Pressed oil Extraction

    Stone and wood cold pressing oil is an ancient method. It's a eco-friendly process that generates no waste. The idea behind cold pressing is to extract oil from seeds using only pressure, without the need for pre-cooking the yellow mustard. Pre-cooking removes its flavor and nutrients.

  • Packaging

    After being filtered through a sieve, we conduct a strict quality check on the oil before it is packaged. At Gyros Farm, we take measures to minimize plastic contact and preserve the oil's purity. The yellow mustard oil is packaged in glass bottles and delivered to your homes in its authentic form.

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  • Nourishment

    As one of the earliest known plants in the world, Mustard has an array of uses. Mustard oil then is a multipurpose product catering to your everyday needs.It is a potent source of antioxidants and aids the body’s detoxification.

  • Skin and Hair

    Pure mustard oil is becoming increasingly popular in beauty routines. It is known for its ability to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Traditionally, it has been used to heal cracked skin on the feet and hands. Mustard oil is also beneficial for promoting hair growth and keeping the scalp healthy.

  • Boost Immunity

    Mustard oil is a famous pain reliever as it is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that helps reduce inflammation in cases of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. This is a game changer in boosting immunity.

  • Environment Friendly

    This oil is devoid of any chemicals, artificial preservatives or parabens.

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